Decorative Lighting

Decorating wedding and banquet venues with light

Our comprehensive, decorative lighting services will give you the desired effect. Why? The light easily allows for maneuvers; you can make the venue feel more cozy, intimate or the opposite: more dynamic, energizing. The final effect depends on the character of the venue and your ideas/ needs. A wedding reception, a banquet, that big birthday or any other special occasion- you name it, we can make your party look and feel really special thanks to the LED lighting.

So what can be decorated with light, you ask?

1. 2. 3.

We can decorate your wedding venue, a church, a ceremony room at the Registration Office/ City Hall or if it is an outdoor wedding- plants.

...the same goes for the wedding tent, the guest tables and the coupleʼs table, the buffet table, the ceiling and the walls....
...or/ and the dance floor: here we suggest some additional,
professional special effects: smoke effects and/ or LED GOBO projectors (Gobos can project e.g. company logos, the couple's names, heart shapes or any other artwork, for that matter).

In other words: the Skye is the limit.

We use only professional, top quality equipment: the RGBW LED/ Electroluminescence and Diode Lasers, controlled by the DMX system which allows us to switch, at any time, to any color or effect.

Dekoracja światłem
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