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We often play abroad and/ or at multinational weddings in Poland. We once had a chance to play at a Polish- African wedding and that reception will forever stay in our memory and in our hearts. Thanks to our drummer, Dominik, we managed to create a fabulous, so very different wedding reception. African drums: Djembe and Dundun will definitely make your wedding reception (or any special occasion party, really!) stand out. So how about a DJ AND a drummer? Ethnic drums? Electronic drums? Now, doesn’t that sound like a fun and original party? Give us a call to discuss further.

About our drummer, Dominik:

Dominik has been interested in drums ever since he can remember. It was his

brother who first showed him how to play the basics. Dominik travelled all over Poland, looking for inspiration and hoping to find a teacher, a mentor even (keep in mind, that took place in the pre- YouTube and pre- social media world). He spent years experimenting and looking for his musical path. At that time he played with various bands: Zaar, Szamani, Kadan, Foliba. He decided to move to Krakow. Considering Dominikʼs versatile, musical background and the fact that Krakow has an immense and rich artistic scene, it was easy for him to just dive in straight to the club world. Krakow is also where his project took off: The Afrohouse. In Dominikʼs words: “Afrohouse is the key word here. Why? Because Africa is home to most of the music we all listen to today. Afrohouse is a mix of house music with African beats, Brazilian themes, funk- all that accompanied by traditional and contemporary percussion instruments.

The main concept of the project is to come up with a new sound, by mixing new trends with traditional percussion instruments. Dominik is a leader of the band with, for many, an exotic sounding name: the Earth Seventh Chakra. In 2009, Dominik and the band won an equally exotic sounding festival: the Rhythm and Fire Festival. (As you can see: all our musicians are REALLY passionate about their craft!). Dominik plays a variety of traditional drums: Djembe and Dundun drums (of the African origin), Darbouka (Arabic), Conga (Cuban). If that was not enough for you, he also plays electronic drums: Roland, Korg, Rototom Set Remo. His dream is to continue creating unconventional music, using the best of what every musical style can give us. He keeps on experimenting and trying out various styles. Dominik lives in Krakow where with as much passion as he plays his instruments, he runs workshops for those who are looking for a mentor, just like he once was. His personal favourite sound: the sound of the rain on the roof.

Ethnic drums for your wedding reception or for a party:

Our offer includes: 4x LIVE sets, 2 hrs in total, including but not limited to ethnic drums. The total time can naturally be longer and is a subject for further discussion.

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