DJ & Trumpet

How about some trumpet music, live? The trumpet is such a noble instrument which has been lately frequently underestimated. There is nothing better than live trumpet at your wedding or at any other special event. In the past, the trumpet was used for centuries to accompany important announcements across all European, royal courtyards. That is an instrument with a story! Today, when we think of a trumpet, jazz immediately comes to mind, and rightfully so.

DJ & Trumpet for Wedding Party in Cracow

The trumpet is a powerful instrument and when used at weddings, it has an uncanny ability to move people to tears. The repertoire once again depends on your needs and your ideas. We usually suggest the classics: Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Air on the G String or the Wedding March by Mendelsohn.

If you are looking for a DJ and a trumpeter not for a wedding but for a different kind, but equally special occasion, we usually suggest timeless classics (but the final selection is always up for discussion).

DJ & Trąbka
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