Heavy smoke for the first dance

The first dance is a challenge! With us it will be much easier, and above all extremely fabulous! In our rich offer you can find a professional heavy smoke generator in Krakow and more! Heavy smoke for the first dance will add confidence, overcome mistakes in the steps, and the guests will focus on the smile and happiness of the bride and groom during the first dance. Heavy smoke for the wedding will make the setting of your dance magical, will provide an unforgettable experience for you and anyone watching your dance in the clouds.

We arrange dance choreography in cooperation with dance instructors, this one of the most important moments of the wedding must go 100% perfect.

We offer you a professional heavy smoke generator for weddings.

Dense clouds of smoke are spinning just above the ground giving an effect, as if the Young Couple were dancing in the clouds. The perfect effect in photos and also in real time.

The advantages of our heavy smoke:
- professional heavy smoke generator of well-known Nimbus company
- neutral, non-allergenic, safe to use, disappears without a trace after the first dance
- Real heavy smoke is produced using dry ice (CO2).
- attractive price with service throughout Poland

We offer you the servicing of a professional heavy smoke generator for the first dance and more. Decide for heavy smoke for the wedding and it will give you amazing memories.

Ciężki dym na pierwszy taniec
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