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If you are planning a wedding reception or an office party, you cannot forget the music. A professional and experienced wedding DJ needs to know how to fit in; every reception has a different style. That is not an easy task; the guests vary in age and preferences.

A good wedding MC knows how to select the right repertoire and make sure everyone is having a great time until the very end of the party. A good wedding MC knows how to encourage the guests to dance and will play both contemporary music and some timeless hits. When planning an event of that importance, it is better to leave it to professionals.

Matt Relay Group is a team of individuals passionate about music: we are not just the right team for an original wedding in Krakow or in Warsaw, we are happy to take care of any other special events or parties you need to organize. A good wedding DJ will make sure that absolutely everyone, with no exception is having a good time so that you do not have to worry about your guests.
Choose one of our offers: a wedding DJ in Krakow/ Warsaw, a wedding DJ+ an MC, a DJ and a saxophonist, a violinist, a drummer or a vocalist; any one of these highly talented folks will make your party stand out.

Our strength lays in experience and quality:
-we know what strength a good DJ brings to a party; be it a wedding or an office event
-we know how to select the right repertoire
-we know how to make the acoustics work for us.
We love what we do, and every time we see another happy client- we feel motivated even more.

You have just found the right people for the job.

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DJ & Drummer

We often play abroad and/ or at multinational weddings in Poland. We once had a chance to play at a Polish- African wedding and that reception will forever stay in our memory and in our hearts. Thanks to our drummer, Dominik, we managed to create a fabulous, so very different wedding reception. 

Bulb garlands
Unique decorative lighting ie garlands for a wedding party or otherwise called Edison light bulbs are the basis of any rustic wedding party or outdoor event lighting. Light garlands hanging above the parquet floor and the banquet hall guarantee a unique atmosphere regardless of whether we use it outside or inside the wedding hall, tent or climatic place.
DJ & Bagpipes

Are you planning a party with a folklore theme? We have got just what you have been looking for. Our bagpipe player will show up at your party dressed in a traditional, Polish mountaineer folklore outfit. If you wish, he will happily give a brief lecture on that amazing instrument to you and your guests. The instrument itself is similar to the Scottish/ Irish bagpipes.

Background music at Church
Musical setting for the Wedding in the Church in Krakow or a magical setting? We offer you a choice: Violin, Cello, Piano, or maybe Classic Singing? With us, the binding at the wedding in the church will gain an extraordinary dimension. Let the moment of the ceremony be unique also musically.
Decorative Lighting
Our comprehensive, decorative lighting services will give you the desired effect. Why? The light easily allows for maneuvers; you can make the venue feel more cozy, intimate or the opposite: more dynamic, energizing. 
Dj's & MC

Looking for a DJ & MC team for your wedding or for an office party in Krakow? Do you want your party to be a memorable event, organized by individuals passionate about their craft, who know what they are doing? If so, you have come to the right place! Our team consists of a bunch of competent, responsible and dedicated folks who treat each of their project with all seriousness and enthusiasm.

Heavy smoke for the first dance
The first dance is a challenge! With us it will be much easier, and above all extremely fabulous! In our rich offer you can find a professional heavy smoke generator in Krakow and more! Heavy smoke for the first dance will add confidence, overcome mistakes in the steps, and the guests will focus on the smile and happiness of the bride and groom during the first dance. 
DJ & Saxophonist

Are you looking for a DJ AND a Saxophonist for an office party? Or maybe you are planning your wedding and you want it to be simply different? An alto saxophone or a tenor saxophone will add some extra magic to your already special day. Our very own musical arrangements and original improvisations will please your guests and make your party stand out.

Lounge Music
Background music for dinner so-called "To chop" live. The combination of saxophone sounds with magical violins will stay in the memory of all guests for a long time. The biggest jazz hits, in our instrumental arrangements, will perfectly diversify every official dinner or meeting with your friends. Piano or electric piano for those more demanding with the addition of Vocal as a cherry on the cake .... "Lounge music" became very popular in the USA in the mid-twentieth century.
DJ & Vocalist

Most wedding bands will have a vocalist, sure. But what we are giving you is an unusual duo: a DJ AND a VOCALIST. Our vocalists are: Julia Miesiaczek (the Must Be The Music contestant) and Sylvia Zelek (the Voice of Poland contestant). Both ladies were gifted not just with wonderful voices but also with great, entertaining personalities- they are real show- women. Live vocals combined with a DJ: that is a recipe for a perfect party. Both ladies sing in Polish and in English. We can guarantee that your guests will party all night long!