We serve events of every kind - weddings, company events, events, concerts, banquets, for various age categories, from small children to the oldest, ie seniors.
Our music collections are so big that we can adapt to any kind of event, and organize it anywhere. The uniqueness of our offer is the experience and passion for what we do. Years of work, hundreds of events, the creation of a music brand, leading events at the highest level allows us to organize and realize events of famous people and companies. We are fully committed and committed to every project that makes us happy about what we do.

Within the framework of cooperation we offer:

Great fun!
Amazing show!
Professional technical support!

Experienced Wodzirejów / Konferansjerów / Presenter
performances of outstanding live musicians (Saxophone, Violin, Vocals, Ethnic Drums)
Wedding music in the church or outdoors
Flair bartender / Mobile bartender tables
Professional lighting room decor (including LED lighting, RGBW)
Karaoke at the party
Photobook for the party
Pyrotechnic shows, laser, confetti
Conducting events in Polish and English
Of course, each offer is prepared individually with the customer. Therefore, we will meet the most difficult task to make your ceremony unique and unforgettable. *

* We cooperate with people known on the music scene in Poland as well as with companies where we can have different types of equipment, effectors, stage stages, etc.

Please contact us.

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